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Self Suspense Ion

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

A participatory multimedia art installation where we invite the audience to ride a physical swing in an immersive projected space.

This kinesthetic experience transports you to an abstract world using virtual reality technology, to explore the idea of embodied cognition. We invite the audience to reflect on the thoughts, feelings and perception of reality that the piece evokes as they transition from the real to the virtual state. The experience is an intrinsically human one, where an array of emotions surface - ranging from nostalgia and joy to even isolation and loss. This piece though designed to be experienced physically, has been adapted into a VR experience as well due to the restrictions of COVID-19. Exhibitions: RectoVRSO as part of VIFF Immersed, 2019 Recto VRSO at Laval Virtual (the Virtual edition) 2020 Recto VRSO at Alliance Francaise (Vancouver) 2020


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