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We create ripples in the universe with each action we take. From saying hello to a stranger to planting a seed so forests may grow, we affect the space around us in myriad ways. Our interactions influence the reactions that emerge in the unending flow of stimulus and response in nature. While we live our lives as individuals, we are part of a bigger existence as humans - affecting and impacting each other and the places we inhabit. We live as part of a collective existence.

Ripplica is a multi-media installation that presents the symbiosis between humanity and nature through an immersive, tactile experience. In this piece we aim to draw a parallel between how small ripples can turn into huge waves and the long impact of human action on nature, each other and the world around us. The piece connects viewers to each other and the installation itself to highlight our collective existence among and as part of other life on this planet.

Ripplica embodies existence - being unbounded and any consequences impermanent and ever changing - much like nature of which we are but a part.

Exhibitions: ISEA 2023 | Symbiosis



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